The Novelty of Reinvention

Our first product, was inspired by seeing an older gentleman re-invent the classic New York Yankees New Era fitted cap. We can only assume the cap was too big for him having added darting between each panel that at first glance looked like a hat with 10 panels. This subtle change was a seemingly straight forward solution to a problem; that through our context was effortlessly stylish.

We decided to use three essential fabrics; cotton twill, melton wool and nylon; all in black colour-ways. For this silhouette we wanted to reiterate the notion of novelty through reinvention communicating that no matter how similar something is the way we choose to wear it is what makes it unique.

We chose to tell the story of this product through a common anecdote. The moment we start making gestures in the mirror to validate which outfit is best choice. We styled our caps into numerous outfits to express the plethora of styles this product can fit in to.


Titus Chan


Brandon Baldassarre


Kevin Lorzano


Ali Patel